About us

GEOMETRICAL is a product design company based in southern California.

We believe that good design should make life simpler. GEOMETRICAL was founded by Rambod Radmard, when he saw the need for a practical way to hold his smartphone hands-free anywhere he goes, without having to add to his everyday carry items: Wallet + Phone + Keys. He designed, developed and produced a product that solved this problem, called the Pocket Tripod®. An ultra compact and lightweight card that transforms into an adjustable phone holder.

In 2011, Rambod bought his first iPhone, the iPhone 4s, which at the time was the “most advanced iPhone ever made”. After a few weeks of using it and making FaceTime calls on the go, he came to the realization that holding his phone is actually a pain in the…..wrist. As someone who’s all about simplifying life, he wasn’t going to start carrying an extra item in his pocket. A wallet, phone and key is all that will make the list. Remembering to carry a small tripod or even a little stand would have been out of the question.

Inspired by Origami, he started working on a crude concept that enabled two right-triangles to swivel into the shape of a credit card that could hide away in a wallet (or purse). The idea was that this ultra-compact device would be with you when you needed it but would disappear when you didn’t. This practical innovation that was designed for Rambod’s own use, today, the Pocket Tripod is aimed for a large audience going from photography enthusiasts to people wanting reliable support for their daily activities.

Even though at the time Rambod was working as an engineer for an aerospace company, he worked on developing the Pocket Tripod in his free time. After hundreds of design iterations and prototypes, the first ready-to-market version of the Pocket Tripod was born: a 180° adjustable ‘tripod’ for your phone that fits in a wallet without any prior experience in starting a business , he introduced his new invention on kickstarter to see if people share his enthusiasm for this tripod. As it turns out, they did, and among them was none other than Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak himself. The campaign was a success and Rambod quit his job to focus solely on his new startup, Geometrical. The first version was produced and shipped to backers worldwide.

Rambod has since worked on more advanced versions of the design, the Pocket Tripod PRO, and with more successful campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo has been continuing his mission to improve people’s lives through thoughtful design. In 2016, the company managed to raise over $460,000 through these platforms and with over 15,000 backers, making his vision a reality. And from there, the Geometrical adventure officially began!

To this day, Geometrical has sold over 250,000 units since the adventure began in 2012. Today, Geometrical is a fast-growing company that aspires to diversify its product range and penetrate new markets worldwide. The company is committed to promoting sustainable development by understanding its impact on the environment through business operations and taking steps to reduce and offset such impacts.

This reflects the company's unwavering commitment to growth and innovation.

Our product

Our flagship product, the Pocket Tripod, is the world’s only truly portable phone stand.

It’s compatible with any smartphone, iPhone or Android. It's capable of holding your phone at any tilt angle, perfect for taking pictures and videos, hands-free. Its legs detach and adjust independently for those times when a greater footprint and stability is needed on uneven surfaces. To provide more durability and stability, its legs are made of real carbon fibre so it keeps the phone stable. It doesn’t block your phone’s mic and speakers so you can hear and be heard clearly.

The best part is that it unfolds into a flat card, 2 credit cards thick, so you can carry it with you in any wallet and be ready at a moment’s notice. It works with practically any phone case without having to take it off.

We’ve designed Pocket Tripod to be durable enough for years of daily use, backed by our lifetime warranty. Our customers are everybody, from travellers, content creators, photographers, to athletes, and simply anyone who needs a handy tool for holding their phone hands-free.

The Pocket Tripod is the ideal companion, designed to accompany you everywhere, freeing you from the constraints of weight, space wherever you go!

Office Space

We work from three locations. A home office in Irvine, CA, USA, a coworking office in Montreal, QC, Canada, and a warehouse in High Point, NC, USA. A large portion of the design and marketing is done from the Montreal office, and customer support and inventory management is done from the High Point office.

Where are we heading for 2024?


Currently, most of our sales occur within the United States. However, we have noticed a growing demand in Canada becoming our second largest market. We recognize this opportunity, and we plan to expand our business to the Canadian market utilizing both local and online platforms.

We are currently seeking partnerships, primarily with mobile service providers such as Telus mobility for a multitude of reasons. For starters, Telus is a one of the most innovative mobile service providers and has always been ahead of the curve in terms of innovations and trends. Furthermore, we believe that our product will add enormous value to Telus mobility clients who have recently upgraded their mobile devices and are looking for the innovative products (accessories) to enhance their experience.


We are aware that our industry, and more specifically our business, has an impact on the environment throughout our operations.

One of our key objectives for the coming year is working along with Climate Partner, a company specializing in supporting organizations in climate action, more specifically in sustainability impact assessment, and supporting in the implementation of new sustainability targets and carbon offset solutions.

This partnership will enable us to calculate the impact we have based on the carbon footprint of our product. With this clearer view of our emissions, we'll be able to set new targets to reduce our biggest impact(s). After we evaluate the product, we will join a program to balance out the remaining carbon emissions. The program uses certified projects from a third-party organization called Gold Standard.

We decided to embark on this journey because we believe it is the responsibility of all companies to take a committed direction toward sustainability.

Awareness is the first step towards positive change.


Geometrical is always on the lookout for ways to improve its products, questioning its customers' experience and how it can be optimized. For next year, we aim to upgrade our product with new features making the pocket tripod even more versatile. We also plan to add on new products to our current offering.

Geometrical is also working on the improvement of the packaging of its Pocket Tripod by the end of the year. The new packaging is designed to be more minimalist and user-friendly, while maintaining its role to prevent waste. It will retain its function of storing the adapters and the fit card, helping to reduce waste by providing a double function.

It's important for us to minimize the impact of packaging. That's why, when adapters are ordered separately, we use biodegradable polypropylene to limit the impact, as this packaging is not intended to be reused.


Our objective for next year is to increase the sales volume of the Pocket Tripod. This objective is closely tied to our above goals of improving the product and packaging to provide customers a better experience. By improving the product's quality and sustainability, as well as extending into new markets, we hope to reach a wider audience, which is expected to translate into increased sales.


All of the objectives mentioned above are crucial to Geometrical’s development and growth. To achieve these objectives, it is imperative that we secure the necessary financial resources that will be needed to get there. We plan to embark on a comprehensive search for potential investors who share our vision and are willing to invest in Geometrical’s growth. In this way, we hope to bring these goals to a successful completion and ensure Geometrical's growth over the coming years.