The Best Phone Tripod for Artists

May 09, 2024Elodie Pellet
An iPhone on a tripod filming someone drawing

 As an artist, creating top-quality content is essential. Whether you're a calligrapher who likes to film their process, or a painter who wants to film a Timelapse of their painting. Smartphone cameras are now powerful tools that simplify the process of capturing high-quality images and videos. However, shaky shots or unstable angles or inconsistent positioning of your camera can compromise your images' quality, making them look blurry and unprofessional. Thankfully, a phone tripod can help artists capture crisp, detailed content effortlessly. In this comprehensive guide, we explore why artists need a phone tripod, and the key features to consider when choosing one.

Why Artists Need a Phone Tripod

An iPhone on a tripod filming someone drawing

As an artist, you understand the significance of capturing the ideal shot for your content. A stable foundation for you phone is crucial when you need to work with both hands or film a subject for an extended period while maintaining excellent quality. This is where a phone tripod comes handy. It not only offers stability for precise work but also provides a range of other benefits that can elevate your art and creativity to new heights.

Stability for Detailed Work

Art requires attention to detail, which means you need sharp photos and videos that allow the viewer to see all the intricacies. Shaky hands or just too much movement can compromise the quality of your work, leaving you with unclear images or videos. A tripod addresses this problem by providing a stable base for your phone, enabling you to produce clear images and high-quality videos. By placing the phone on the tripod, you can free up both hands to concentrate entirely on your artistic project, enabling you to create with ease, precision and without the need to hold anything.

Filming your art can also mean having to hold your phone at the same position repeatedly for long durations while capturing high-quality content. This tripod for artists' has angle indicator markings so that you can set it back to the same angle each time. It also grips on to your phone so you can lift it up and put it down and it would keep the same angle consistently. 

Zoom in the angle adjustment for the pocket tripod

Additionally, when you're filming your artwork, you also need compact equipment that doesn't take up all your workspace. This artist tripod has a very small footprint, giving you all the space you need to work without being bothered by the expansive legs. n fact it can be placed directly on the paper you're writing on. Its reduced form factor enables you to work completely unobstructed, capturing every detail without interference.

An iPhone taking a video of someone drawing

One of its best features is that it can point down (or up) without being obstructed, unlike when you lean your phone on a book or glass of water. This means you can film what's on your page, without being blocked by whatever is holding your phone up. 

Image showing all range of angles of the pocket tripod

Hands-Free Recording for Artists

For hands-free capturing of your artistic work, there's also the option of connecting a Bluetooth remote to your phone. It lets you trigger your camera remotely without having to go back and tap the record button.

Someone holding a remote in her hand with the beach on the background

This is particularly useful for any kind of set up where the phone is set up at a hard to reach location, any kind of stop motion, or situations where you don't want the framing to move each time you click the shutter to maintain a constant framing. 

A women carving a pumpkin on a table in nature while being filmed with an iPhone

Capturing Time-Lapse Videos

The art of time-lapse videos requires photographers to capture a prolonged series of images taken at consistent intervals. Here, a tripod comes in handy since it ensures that the phone is kept steady for the duration of the time-lapse. It also eliminates the possibility of shaking, which would definitively compromise the quality of the final video. With an art tripod, you can make breathtaking time-lapse videos that communicate the passage of time in your story telling, or capture the entire process of creating your work in a few seconds. 

An iPhone on a tripod filming someone making art with lights on the deck at night

Overall, a phone tripod is an essential tool for any artist wishing to add a new dimension to their work and broaden their creativity. Whether you're capturing detailed images, creating hands-free tutorials, or shooting time-lapse videos of your process, a tripod provides the stability and consistency you need to produce high-quality content. A perfect match, don't you think?

Invest in an art tripod and see the difference it makes to your art!

Key Features to Consider

Adjustable Angles

Artists require different perspectives when taking photos or recording. An adjustable tripod offers versatility and allows you to achieve very wide angles in different positions for all kinds of content.

An iPhone on a tripod making different angles

Sturdy Construction

A tripod needs to be sturdy and robust. It should be able to support the weight of your phone comfortably while keeping it stable. A quality tripod will have a solid construction made from durable materials like carbon fiber, aluminium, high strength polymers that will ensure the use of your tripod for a lifetime! This phone tripod is built with carbon fibre legs and engineered polymers and is asked by a lifetime warranty. 

Portability and Weight

It's essential to have a portable tripod that's easy to carry around because if it's too bulky you'll just leave it at home. Nobody wants to carry a extra items with them if they don't have to. The weight of the tripod is a crucial factor to keep in mind, and it needs to be small enough to be carried everywhere, allowing you more spontaneity when needed. This art tripod weight 0.4 ounces and can fit right in your wallet, so it's always with ready for whenever creativity strikes. 

In conclusion, a phone tripod is a valuable tool for artists who want to capture clear and detailed images and videos without having to worry about planning how and when to carry your heavy equipment. When choosing a tripod, always consider the features mentioned above to ensure that you get the best product for your needs. Choose the one that fits your budget and requirements to help you in your artistic endeavours!

Between you and me, I think you've found this tripod as the perfect tool for artists to expand the horizons of creativity!

Someone taking a video from an iPhone on a tripod stand of a person climbing on red rocks