How to vlog on your phone

May 09, 2024Elodie Pellet
A man standing and vlogging in front of a camera on a tripod

Are you considering starting vlogging as a hobby or even a career but reluctant to invest in an expensive recording setup? You don’t have to! All you need is your smartphone. Here are some things to consider.   

What’s a vlog?

The word vlog is short for video blog or video log. It’s essentially a blog where all the content is in video format.

An iphone on a tripod stand filming two people vlogging


Determine what type of content you want to create

If you want your vlogs to generate views, they must be compelling and provide value to your target audience. If you play to your passions and strengths, your enthusiasm will come through on camera, drawing viewers in.

Choose a format

Vlogs come in many different formats. Here are three of the most popular formats for beginners:

  • Talking Head vlogs involve sitting in front of the camera and talking about a topic or sharing information. They include “Story Time” and “Unboxing” videos.
  • Reality vlogs are when you venture outside your home and take the camera to record what you get up to. These include vlogs like “What I Eat in a Day” and “Day in the Life” videos.
  • How-To vlogs are about teaching your audience how to do something by demonstrating the action or activity.

Popular vlog topics include beauty, gaming, travel, technology, home decor, cooking and fitness.

Choose which platforms you’ll distribute the content on

There are several platforms where you can publish video content online, the most popular being YouTube because it’s easy to use and has various monetization options. However, platforms like TikTok and Instagram are gaining popularity for short-form video content. Twitch is a great platform if you’re interested in live streaming your vlogs.

Define the script and the tone of your vlog

Although it may seem that vloggers simply pick up their cameras and start recording, that’s far from the truth. Without a clear plan, the video comes out messy, hard to follow and time-consuming to edit. Write a rough outline of your video idea or prepare a script to ensure your vlog stays on track. Planned content generally performs better than spontaneous recordings and lets you define your tone, whether that’s serious, cheerful, humorous or dry.

Additionally, it’s important to be in the right headspace before filming. If you’re feeling stiff or anxious, it will come across in the video. Try to relax and be yourself! Moreover, make sure to put your phone on airplane mode to eliminate distractions and prevent incoming notifications from ruining your shot.


Find the perfect vlogging mobile kit

A girl vlogging outdoor in front of her iphone on a tripod

With the advance in smartphones, you can easily produce high-quality vlogs with little to no investment. Here are a few cost-effective essentials to get your vlogging career off the ground.

Have a good vlogging tripod you carry with you

The best tripod is the one you always have on hand, so portability is the most important criteria in finding the perfect tripod. You want something that’s small but not flimsy. That’s what makes this vlogging tripod so appealing. It’s made of durable carbon fiber and very resistant polymers but can fit inside your wallet, so you’ll never leave it behind. The tripod is incredibly lightweight, adjustable and offers great stability, even on irregular surfaces. The Vlogging Kit also includes eight sizes adapters that work with all Androids and iPhones, as well as most cases. 

Have a remote

A wireless remote is a great addition to your vlogging setup. The Bluetooth Shutter Remote allows you to discreetly start and stop videos from your smartphone from up to 30 feet away. It’s the perfect solution for vlogging from a distance. Small and lightweight, it’s easy to carry on a keychain or in your pocket.

 A girl holding a remote in her hand

Have a good microphone

Sound quality is everything when you’re creating a vlog. Even if your video content is great, poor sound quality can cause viewers to tune out and click away. Instead of relying on your phone’s built-in microphone, invest in an external mic to create a better listening experience for your viewers. This is especially important if you plan on filming outdoors and want to reduce wind noise. Alternatively you can use AI sound isolation tool

Find a video editing app you like

Once you’ve recorded your vlog, the last step is to edit and upload it online. There are many different editing apps that you can use directly on your smartphone. Here are some of the most reputable:

  • iMovie is an easy-to-use editing app for beginners. Although it lacks advanced editing tools, it provides most of the functions you’ll need to prepare your vlogs for public viewing. For example, you can choose from several preset theme options, project filters, soundtracks and sound effects.
  • KineMaster is one of the most advanced video editing apps on the market. It allows you to edit multiple layers of video and overlay up to four audio tracks on a single clip. You can also add various effects and 3D transitions. Unlike other mobile editing apps, it lets you edit frame by frame and instantly preview the edit.
  • FilmoraGo is an extremely user-friendly mobile editing app. It comes with preset themes, titles, graphics and filters, as well as playful effects, stickers and text overlays. The app supports direct uploading to YouTube. However, it doesn’t support 4K export or offer the ability to edit multiple tracks.
  • DaVinci Resolve is currently not available as an app for iPhones but if you're okay with editing on your computer, this app is highly recommended by all professionals. It offers incredibly powerful color correction and grading and it's available in a free version.

Remember that if you want to grow your audience and create a strong online presence, uploading consistently and interacting with your viewers are essential to keep them coming back. 

The perfect little tripod for your smartphone

The Pocket Tripod is a tiny gadget that packs a huge punch for your vlog recordings. You’ll be amazed at the versatility of this wallet-sized tool. It is equipped with every crucial feature you should look for when buying a vlogging tripod. Visit the Pocket Tripod shop to see its capabilities for yourself.